Tours of TIEC: 8 Reasons You and Your Horse Will Love Stabling at TIEC

May 21, 2017 - 5:26 PM

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me on the second episode of “Tours of TIEC.” This week we featured the competition stabling at Tryon. Want to see all of the tours we have done so far? Click here. 

Don’t worry, if you missed it on Facebook, click the link to see the video on the official Tryon International Equestrian Facebook page, via Facebook Live.  To add to the first episode, I have compiled a blog post of my eight favorite things back behind the scenes in the incredible barns at TIEC! Can’t wait to share them with you. Enjoy!

 1. Tack Rooms

Yep, that’s right. No more using extra stalls as tack rooms! Here at TIEC, there are two tack rooms on every aisle, making it easier to organize all of your belongings that you and your horses need. All of the tack rooms lock using an electronic keypad. Brilliant, right? I think so too.


2. Stall Windows

This might be my favorite part about the barns. I love looking down the aisle to see happy horses hanging their heads out of the windows, which are a part of every stall! It makes them feel more at home, highlighting that TIEC has really thought of everything a horse could need.


3. Fans


Actually, this might be my favorite part. In each stall there is a high-powered fan mounted above to keep your horses cool in the summer. Thank goodness you no longer have to lug around box fans and scale the walls to hang them up. Thank you, TIEC!


4.  The Stalls Themselves

Each stall door slides shut and locks easily in place, ensuring your horse will not escape (even though they will never want to leave Tryon). There are also rubber mats down every aisle and in every stall making sure your horses are comfy and happy! On top of all of the safety, look how nice these stalls are – it really looks like a real barn and not a horse show!


5.  The Spa (or Wash Racks)

Ahhhh, cooling off after a hot day, getting a bath, or using the warm water in the winter; these wash racks have everything you need to pamper your horse. There are wash racks on each end of every barn, ensuring you never have to wait in a line. My horse actually hates cold water, even in the summer, therefore I am so glad TIEC thought to add the warm water option!


6.  Barn to Ring Proximity

rings and barns

This is the most convenient aspect about the barns. They are literally right next to the rings. You walk out of the barn aisle, walk right down the riding path, and BOOM you are at the rings. No more running to the rings – you’re right there!


7. Grazing Areas


Everyone loves snacks. The grazing areas are right next to the barns and the rings, making it so easy for your horse to grab a snack and stretch their legs. How nice is that?


8. Insta-worthy Views

My last favorite thing about the barns are the flowers. In front of every barn there is a beautiful flower bed full of pink and red roses. There are also shady picnic tables outside of the barns that are perfect to sit and enjoy lunch, or catch up with your barn friends. These barns are just amazing!



That’s all for this tour! Tune in to Facebook for our next episode coming soon, or click here to view all of the tours we’ve done so far! Want to watch a replay of the Facebook Live tour that we did on the official Tryon International Equestrian Center Facebook page? Click the play button below!


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