73rd Tryon Block House Steeplechase Rescheduling FAQ



1) Why was the race rescheduled?


For reasons of horse and rider welfare. Toby Edwards, Race Director, felt that the race could be run this April, but that it would be in the best interest of the horse and rider to reschedule. We have had 53 days of rain from November 2018 to present with nearly twice the historic rainfall for this period, a total of 35.4 inches. Tracks all across the country are facing the same decisions, from California to the Deep South. In addition, significantly more rain is in the forecast between now and the April 13 date.


2) Who made this decision?


In cases like this, it is the final decision of the Race Director with support from the location and the National Steeplechase Association (NSA).  It was a joint decision by all.  We all share the first priority of horse and rider welfare.


3) Is damage from WEG the reason that we are not running the races this year? 


No. As stated above, our Race Director feels that the race could be run this year, but the amount of rainfall has made the track surface very hard and, as more rain is expected, unpredictable.


During WEG, there was damage done at the Green Creek Race Course and TIEC has been doing repair and footing upgrades on the course, but WEG is not the cause of the delay. Even with the damage following WEG, it was always our intention to improve the race track surface and add irrigation to raise the bar and make the Green Creek Race Course a world-class facility.


4) Has the Block House ever been rescheduled before?


According to NSA records, the race has run annually since its inception in 1947. NSA does not document whether a race has been rescheduled, only cancelled. NSA has rescheduled races in the past because of weather-related issues. The 73rdTryon Block House Races will run on October 5, 2019.


5) Why October 5, 2019?


This is the date the NSA provided us to reschedule. We were not given a choice. In the rescheduling, we do have the chance to produce a fall event, the 2019 73rdTryon Block House Races. It has always been our intention at Tryon International Equestrian Center to have both the spring Block House Races and an additional race in the fall.



6) When will the 74thAnnual Tryon Block House Races be held in 2019?


April 11, 2020.



7) Will a fall race be held on the same weekend in 2020?


That decision has not been made. Our first and highest priority for next year is the 74thAnnual Tryon Block House Race on April 11, 2020.


8) Can you get a refund for your tickets?


Tickets are non-refundable as provided on both the website and on the ticket.  However, they are transferrable to the new date.  Ticket sales will remain open between now and October 5, 2019 as the race is not cancelled, it is just rescheduled. Your tickets will be valid for the October 5 event for the same location and purposes and will automatically be transferred to that date.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING IF YOU WANT TO USE THE TICKETS FOR THIS NEW DATE.


If you do not plan to attend the fall rescheduled event, as a courtesy, we are also offering that you can transfer them to the April 11, 2020 race, same location, same purposes.  If you are interested in doing this, please email tickets@tryon.com


9) Who do I contact if I have questions about my tickets?


You may email your questions to:  tickets@tryon.com


10) What will happen at the track between now and the race?


TIEC will use this time to continue to improve the footing and also to add a permanent irrigation system the entire length of the course.


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